Mobile alignment and corner balancing:



We offer access equipment for doing corner balancing and alignments. At this time its only a mobile service. This is for cars only, the scales are high end Intercomp scales with a max weight rating of 5000lbs. We come to you! you need a fairly level concrete area big enough for you and your car. We will level the scales out and get them setup. Your in charge of getting your car on them and making any adjustments you wish to make. Generally you need to lift the car 6-8". We have a string alignment setup available for use while the vehicle is setup on the scales, we will help set it up, you make the adjustments to the vehicle. String alignments are very accurate but take a few hours to do, we have confirmed this with a laser alignment system. 

Rates: $85 per hour, we will bill in 15 minute increments and for drive time to the location. Setup alone takes about an hour.






Tube bending:


We offer a tube bending service for low production situations. Mandrel bending and non mandrel bending. We have 1 of 5 Mandrel benders in Oregon that we currently know of! We have the capability to do square and round tube, but only round tube for mandrel bending. Up to 2" in diameter.

Rates: Contact us for more information


CNC plasma cutting:


We offer in house CNC plasma cutting up to 5/8" thick steel

Rates: Contact us for more information


CNC laser cutting:


We Offer a CNC laser cutting service, we do not do this in house. However, this is done in the USA! This is ideal if you want a us to design a part and have it laser cut. Laser cutting is our preffered method, the quality is much better than Plasma but it comes with an added cost.

Rates: Contact us for more information


2d CAD Design:


We love to add new products and also do custom work! If you have a product Idea that you want and its something we can produce we will do the CAD work for free! If its a one off piece we have to charge for it.

Rates: Contact us for more information